“Glyco Lemon’s Journey Back to Roots: Sowing Seeds of Sustainability in Schools”

In the vibrant city of Cape Town, a story of sustainability, community, and growth began to unfold with an inspiring vision. Glyco Lemon, a heritage hair care brand cherished by South African families for generations, recognized an opportunity to extend their commitment to their customers and the environment.

Their vision? Encourage sustainable practices in schools, empowering students and their families to grow their own vegetables. They named it the ‘Back to Your Roots’ programme.

Recognizing the crucial link between nature and well-being, Glyco Lemon launched this innovative initiative. The goal was to provide schools with the knowledge and resources necessary to create their own green spaces, promoting a sustainable lifestyle and the value of home-grown produce.

The project began in the heart of Cape Town, collaborating with local schools. Students, teachers, and parents were invited to participate in educational workshops, learning about home gardening, sustainability, and the importance of fresh produce.

As the Glyco-lemon team  dug their hands into the soil, they planted their first crops, symbolizing the seeds of a more sustainable future. Over time, these school gardens began to flourish, providing fresh, nutritious vegetables for the students and their families, and instilling a sense of pride in the school community.

But Glyco Lemon’s commitment didn’t stop at the school gates. They established a campaign to assist the community in and provide resources to expand their reach even further. to continually fund this initiative and to provide resources to expand their reach even further.

Today, Glyco Lemon’s ‘Back to Your Roots’ programme is more than just a campaign; it’s a thriving community effort promoting sustainability. With the help of these school gardens, families are continuously reminded of the fundamental connection between nature and health.